About the Author

A.M. Revere loves using words to enliven her imagination. Her books echo sentimentality, Christlike love, tiny dashes of humor, and full-gospel roots. When not writing, she’s either snuggled up to her favorite sitcoms, reading, or immersed in worship. 

Who is A.M. Revere?

a Christian.
Jesus Christ is Merah's Lord and Savior. He is her everything.  He is the reason she lives and breathes. Without Him, she she wouldn't be who she is today.
an Author.
A.M. Revere hasn't stopped writing. She published her first book on March 9, 2023. It was a learning season, but a wonderful opportunity. she will remember forever.
Christian Author
She doesn't feel the two identities match. She believes being an author does not hold a candle to knowing Jesus. So, she chooses not to combine the two identities.

why Revere?

the logo + brand

the Vision


The marigold can sustain itself through intense pressure and sunlight. You can triumph in tough times and experience the sustaining love of Jesus, come out stronger with greater faith!
To revere is to "show devoted deferential honor: to regard as worthy of great honor."  When she created her pseudonym, years ago, her prayer was that each of her books give honor and glory to God.
He deserves it all.